About Us


Hand Crafted in Vancouver

We are whole sale hand crafted soap company, located in Vancouver B.C. Our products are made with fine, natural and genuine ingredients for your skin and environment.

The founder of Erd Soap Miyuki used to have trouble skin all the time and then she realized a commercial soap contains many of harsh chemicals and the reasons why she had dry, itchy skin. And she started to make soap and that’s how Erd Soap was born.

We support local farms and collaborate with local stores and try to use ingredients harvested by locals to make our products, hoping the local economy grows.

Our Handmade Soap

We committed to high quality and affordable products handcrafted in Vancouver, carefully chose material and produce in small batch for people with sensitive skin. Our handmade soap doesn’t contain any synthetic fragrance and colorant, which causes dry, chopped skin and allergic reactions to some individuals.

We use fresh local ingredients to make sure the soap has many benefits to your skin, such as Organic Hempseed Oil, Beeswax, Honey, Abyssinian Oil, Glacial Marine Clay, Goat Milk and etc.

We Care About Mother Earth

Erd means “earth” in English. We use ingredients naturally occurred in the earth as much as we can, and also we care about our earth (environment) so all of our products is 100% biodegradable. 

Here in Canada, we are surrounded by beautiful nature. We don’t wanna lose it and know each of us in the earth should take actions to protect such a beautiful earth and animals. We, as a company do what we can do for that.

We use ingredients only from sustainable sauce including palm oil, but we know using any kind of palm oil has ended up supporting deforestation in some Asian countries in some way, and many animals, birds, insects and plants live in tropical rain forests are endangered because of palm plantations, we are working very hard on reducing palm oil from our products and many of them doesn’t contain palm oil already!! Soon, we can announce all of our soap is Palm Oil Free!!